Cardinal Drive believes that supporting missions is an important part of the role of the church.  Because of that belief we support two missions.  Take a moment to learn about them below.


We are currently supporting the work of Jacob Dassah and his team in Tamso, Ghana.  Jacob ministers at the Tamso Church of Christ, but there are several dimensions to his ministry that we support:

  • Preacher Training - The church in Tamso supports a preacher's school that provides training to ministers both in and around Tamso as well as to the unreached areas of Ghana (central Ghana is heavily Muslim, and areas of northern Ghana are predominantly animistic in their religious practices).  In 2016, we sent Brian Prewitt to teach at the school as part of a larger mission trip.  This school is also the training source for several of the ministers that we support on an ongoing basis.
  • Nadowli - In northwest Ghana, there is a church and school that we have supported, providing funds to build part of their school.  We are currently raising funds to build a well for the school.
  • Bole - In 2016, we purchased a motorcycle to be used for the church and the minister of the church in this heavily Muslim area.  We provide monthly support for the minister here along with five other ministers in Ghana.

Wes Cunningham and Brian Prewitt both visited Ghana for two weeks in 2016, teaching and preaching at churches throughout the country, and getting to see the work that is happening in the country.  God is doing a remarkable work in Ghana, and we are humbled and excited to be a part of it!

Click below to read recent missions reports from Ghana:



Honduras Missions has had a significant impact on many of our teens and adults alike.  In 2004 Rob Carris, our Youth & Family Minister, took a group of 15 teenagers and 5 adults down to Honduras for a mission trip.  Since then our church has sent groups down 7 more times to work & serve the people of Honduras.  Since 2004 we have helped build over 12 homes for families.  We have also built an addition onto the Mateo Church of Christ and provided money for them  to buy an acre of land behind their church to begin work on expanding their building for their rapidly growing congregation.

Every other year a mission team from Cardinal Drive goes to Honduras in mission outreach.  Over the years both adults and teens have developed a special place in their hearts for the families who we have been fortunate to cross paths with during our time in Honduras.

Guajire is a rural mountain village about 40 miles outside of Tegucigalpa.  This is an agricultural community where families have small plot farms and work in commercial agriculture. The work is hard and families here subsist on minimal wages of $2-3 per day in many cases.  However, they are a happy and thankful people, with many families living in close proximity to 2-3 generations of family members. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with and get to know the adults and children of Guajire. The church has about 30-40 children and 15-20 adults. 

We are proud to sponsor Kelvin as the minister for Guajire.  He strives to meet the spiritual and physical needs of families in Guajire and 2 other mountain communities.