We want to provide our teachers with all the resources they need.  Hopefully the links and resources found here will help you as you teach our children!  If you have any questions please contact Jonathan Byham.


It is our desire to teach our children the Bible.  Therefore the Bible is our curriculum.  While we may use resources below to develop ideas our curriculum is the Bible itself.  Our 2,3,4, and 5 yr olds will go through the Bible every year.  Our 1st through 5th grade curriculum is designed to go more in depth into the Bible and goes through the Bible every two years.  In this way if a student has gone through our entire curriculum they will have gone through the Bible 7 times before they graduate into our youth group class.  

Handy Websites:


Free Sunday School Curriculum

Ministry to Children

Bible Songs and More



Curriculum Guides:

2&3 yr old class

4&5 yr old class

1&2nd grade class

3&4th grade class

5th&6th grade class