Registration for 2018-2019 is FULL! If you would like to be put on a wait list you can email the church office at with your child's information and a short note asking to be put on the Sonshine School wait list for 2018.

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Sonshine Tuesday School is a free Bible-based Preschool program.  Registration is open to all children between the ages of 2 and 5. Our overall theme and lessons each week are drawn from the Bible.  Our activities are wide, varied and designed to reinforce the lesson for the week while enhancing social, emotional, growth and fine motor skills.  We offer plenty of playtime, focused group time, snack time and craft time.

To register for 2018-2019, children should be 2  by June 30, 2018. To join our program in January 2019, children should be 2 by October 1, 2018.

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If you would like to be put on a wait list you can email the church office at with your child's information and a short note asking to be put on the Sonshine School wait list for 2018.



KAREN HILL - Lead Teacher

I am the lead teacher, which makes me responsible for each week's lesson, general curriculum, planning and registration.  I am also the teacher to contact for any questions or comments about Sonshine School.  I am the mother of 4 older children who have a combined total of 13 years in Sonshine School.  I have more than 25 years experience as a Bible-School teacher and currently work with special needs children in recreational settings throughout the area.  Our family attends church here at Cardinal Drive.


Our daily schedule is not set in stone as we strive to accommodate special visitors, special activities and the children's special days.  However, we do follow a general pattern similar to the following: 

9:30-10:00     Free Play & opening activity
10:00-10:10    Cleanup & Music
10:10-10:25    Group Time 1
10:25-10:40    Bathroom break
10:40-10:55    Snack
10:55-11:15    Group Time 2
11:15-11:30     Centers

11:30-12:00    Outside time or indoor games

When we are outside our pickup will be at the park. Please pick up items from your child's cubby in the classroom  before picking up your child. Please check out with Karen when you are leaving with your child.

If your child is in afternoon kindergarten and you would like them to participate in Sonshine School in the morning, we dismiss kindergartners beginning at 11:15 according to their schedule. Please let Karen know what time your child needs to be picked up so he/she will be ready on time. 

Check out the Dates to Know: Click Here to Download


There is no fee to register or participate in Sonshine School.  There are no expected fees for any field trips this year.

In lieu of fees, some classroom supplies are requested from each child.  In addition, when special supplies are needed for a particular project, those may be requested as well.  Occasionally, volunteers are also requested to help with field trips and parties.  

Examples of requested supplies include, but are not limited to:

  • paper goods
  • classroom craft supplies
  • classroom cleanup supplies
  • supplies for a community snack
  • ziploc bags in different sizes

On the first day of class, each family receives a list of supplies that their child will need. Some will be for specific activities so they should arrive by the date listed!


Our handy Handbook will provide all the information you could need about Sonshine School!  Click below to download the full handbook or individual sections that you need.

Download Full Handbook

Download Individual Sections Below


For those who are beginning Sonshine School you will need to fill out and hand in the forms listed below. You can either download these forms by clicking on their names below or you can simply ask Karen Hill for a hard copy of them!  Thanks!


Each week our kids bring home a newsletter tell about what they learned and about what things are coming up.  Click below to download a copy of the newsletter from a previous week.Here are some examples from our 2016-2017 year